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Demat stands for Dematerialization, is different from a normal banking account, which allows people to invest their earnings and hold the securities in electronic form. This account helps the investors to deal with stock markets to buy equity shares and allows the transactions to be carried out in electronics form. To carry out this process, a dematerialization request form (DRF) from the depository participant (DP) (i.e. an agent) must be filled to submit along with share certificates.

At PJ INVESTMENTS, complete information with list of required essentials to open a Demat account will be shared from two major depositories (CDSL and NSDL) in the Country.

The following facilities about Demat accounts are provided at PJ INVESTMENTS:

§  A clear understanding of stock market investments

§  Processing & business transaction

§  Guidelines to monitor and trading

§  Brokerage charges, 

§  Annual fee; and  

§  Tips to secure your transactions in a cost-efficient manner